How does the amazing Sarah McIntyre ever get time to draw? Two weeks ago she hosted a great comics event at the Society of Authors

From left to right it’s Sarah McIntyre, comics creator Andi Watson, Walker Books commissioning editor Lizzie Spratt, creator John Aggs, creator Sally Kindberg, The Phoenix Comic editor Will Fickling, creator Patrice Aggs and moderator (and all-round comics expert) Paul Gravett.

Lerryn Korda, comics creator and me, cartoonist Ros Asquith with Gary and Patrice.Keep an eye on the Comica website for loads more excellent events.

Then  just last week Sarah launched launched her second Princess Spaghetti book, a piratey adventure written by Gillian Rogerson, ‘You Can’t Scare a Princess!’

THEN she drew zombie pirates against the clock. Here are all the illustrators who joined in, including me.

From the left, Philip reeve, Sarah McIntyre, Ellen Lindner, Woodrow Phoenix, me, David O’Connell, Alexis Deacon, Gary and Alex Milway.

OK, my dinosaur pirate does look more like a dragon but it was supposed to be T-Rex….


And here’s my lovely agent Jodie Marsh (right) and her lovely assistant Lucy Simmonds. They are always smiling despite being nagged into the ground by wretched authors like myself.

I nicked all these pics from Sarah’s amazing blog but she has done so many different things since then that you might not be able to find them any more. Memo to self. Go to a pirate party once a year at least.  AAAR Jim lad. I called myself Jim until I was seven, so it must be in my blood.


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