Farewell Ronald Searle 1920-2011

Another hero bites the dust. Ronald Searle, gargantuan satirist, ineffable draughtsman, survivor and brilliant chronicler of the notorious Burmese railway, has died aged 91.

St Trinian's 2012, Ros Asquith, Guardian.

Best known in the UK for Molesworth and St Trinians, Searle was an inspiration to Steve Bell, Posy Simmonds, Ralph Steadman, Gerald Scarfe and virtually everyone who picked up a pen to draw. No one has made me laugh more. Link to all the obituaries and tributes here.

Ronald Searle’s Esprit Creatif. Goodbye Clouds, Goodbye Sky.



7 responses to “Farewell Ronald Searle 1920-2011”

  1. Oh lovely picture, so sad that Ronald Searle has gone to the great drawing board in the sky, I’ve always particularly admired his cats but have just discovered the original St Trinian’s drawings, which were a bit before my time. Who says kids today are all bad? (These cartoons would probably be disallowed on health and safety grounds today).
    Cheers and keep up the drawing!

  2. Yes, shame the genius Searle wasn’t recognised in his philistine homeland and had to go off to france for the good life.

  3. Graphic artists the world over are in black armbands for Ronald Searle. Thanks Ros and Steadman and Quentin Blake and Posy and all the other dudes for saluting him.
    And remember, Zam the Head is goona be BIG one day.

    • Save all your doodles! My pal paid off his mortgage with a trunk of “stuff” he’d saved from Disneys! And second–there’s nothing better than the graphic piece–a drawing, an ink sketch…to me that’s heaven. From a good artist, I mean. ; )