Yummy Stuff Ros Asquith’s Teen Cookbook

Yummy Stuff Ros Asquith's Teen Cookbookamazon

Age range: 13+
Published by
A & C Black

Yummy Stuff
Ros Asquith’s Teen Cookbook

Written and illustrated by best-selling author and illustrator Ros Asquith, teenagers will be provided with helpful survival recipes for when needs
must such as what to cook when your parents are on holiday or if you
need a favour, as well as recipes which are just for fun.

Teen Cookbook will capture the imaginations of younger and older
teens alike through approx. 120 practical recipes with humorous
headers and hands-on cartoon-style illustration.

‘This no-worries guide to cooking is both chatty and informative in style
and will be loved by teens. There are helpful survival recipes alongside
recipes that are just plain fun interspersed by some great cartoon-style
imagery. With over 120 recipes there‚Äôs plenty to get your teeth into.’