My Mum the Handyman

Delighted to have created a wee book with Local Heroes to promote Women in the trades. Astonishingly, most kids don’t think women can be plumbers or engineers, so I hope this encourages them to think again.

To find out more

Go to

Or download your FREE copy here! Girls can do anything…

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Well Hello there.

I haven’t blogged in ages, but next week I’ll add some more books to my site and also tell you about the mural I’ve painted for Noah’s ark children’s Hospice,
the book I’ve done with Local Heroes,
and the amazing work done by refugees and migrants at the Islington Centre, where I work with Sita Brhmachari and Jane Ray.

See you soon!

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Three years on Squiggles, poetry, Welcome to the Family

Why don’t I blog?
Because I’m too busy staring into space.
But had a lovely time at the Guardian’s Big Draw with such a fine and varied group of illustrators. I did Squiggles, where you can turn a squiggle into anything. Here (above) are some of yours.

On October 27th I’ll be at the  Wantage Betjeman Festival doing more Squiggles and reading from ‘It’s Not Fairy’ and my new book of poetry, ‘Vanishing Trick’.

And ‘Welcome to the Family’ by the splendid Mary Hoffman (with my pictures) is shortlisted for the School Libraries Asociation Award.

Here’s what kind Rhino Reads had to say about it:

By the inclusion dream team of Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith … Perhaps Gove should scrap all his education reform and, instead of donating a King James Bible to every school, he could put a set of the Hoffman/Asquith books in every school library. He could change the world.’ – 9th July Rhino Reads


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Fonix… or phonics?

Michael Gove has suggested that year one children be tested on their reading using words like ‘zort’ and ‘koob’. I like to think some subversive wag inserted ‘koob’ into the test. Perhaps they could add ‘werd’, too.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that advanced readers will fail this test, as they don’t recognise the words and feel shy of making a mistake. So, is phonics a Good Thing? Hoo nose? Ros Asquith, Lines cartoon, Phonics reeding test


Ros Asquith, Lines. Year 1 phonics test

Sum Reeding kahtoons, the Guardian, Ros Asquith.

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To blog or not to blog

Is blogging  useful? Creative? Time wasting?  Does it matter if no one but you ever reads it? Am pondering these questions but meanwhile, inspired by the awesome Sarah McIntyre, who blogs as she breathes , and Helena Pielichaty (ditto) here goes.  CWIG – the children’s book bit of the Society of Authors had a conference last weekend. Jane Ray was asked to talk and sweetly twisted my arm to join her. So here we are.

Jane Ray and Ros Asquith CWIG Conference


We were so nervous we barely slept and spent breakfast looking glumly at each other.

I said ‘Oh dear’. She said, ‘Oh dear’.

Then I said ‘Oh dear’. And she said, ‘Oh dear’.  And then I said, ‘Oh dear, oh dear” and she said ‘Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear”. And then I said, ‘Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear” and she said ‘Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear”.(You can see why I get paid to write).

Nicola Smee kindly helped us to talk about our pictures and Sarah drew us…. (oh thank you Sarah, I drew you too)

Jane Ray and Ros Asquith by Sarah McIntyre

What else do I remember?

The poet Rachel Rooney making me feel it was ok not to blog, but to dream… here’s her beautiful first solo collection, which won the 2012 CLPE award

Young Bond author Charlie Higson on why men love James Bond ‘He has no wife, no responsibilities, lives in hotels, eats in restaurants and gets to kill people…’. Perfect.

Geraldine McCaughrean telling us she HATED ‘Peter Pan’ as a kid, and never would have got to write the sequel if she hadn’t won the chance in a competition. I entered that competition too… but then Geraldine is a genius…

John Dougherty singing Bye bye miss American pie, and showing a great video about Ed Vaizey. link to it on you tube, arf arf.

Kevin Crossley-Holland breaking into fluent anglo-saxon (and telling us he only read one book as a child)

Allan Ahlberg, who told us such sweet stories we all felt he’d lent us his soul for an hour… and here he is, magnificently captured by Sarah McIntyre.

So thanks to the CWIG panel of noble illustrators and writers for a thousand great chats with about a hundred damn fine women and thanks for letting me  doodle with Ted Dewan…

Ros Asquith, Ted Dewan, CWIG 2012


Read more about it and check out all the blogs on #CWIGConf2012,


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FEBRUARY: What is there about February that is worth celebrating? is a many splendoured thing by Ros Asquith

Cold…. Snow… and  Valentine’s Day… This year is Leap year, so on Feb 29th, we get a whole extra day. Perhaps time will stand still. Why not take the day off and see if anyone notices?


On Feb 1st United Agents supremo Jodie Marsh herded a bunch of illustrators into her den for a showcase of work. What should we call a bunch of illustrators? A scribble? A line? A doodle? Anyway, everyone was happy and apparently massively talented. I was very taken with Ali Pye’s pictures for Edward Hardy’s ‘WHERE IS FRED?’ about a caterpillar in disguise… but I had to sneak off as Jane Ray had organised a charity exhibition Celebrating Asylum just round the corner, so I didn’t get to meet any publishers or talent scouts oh dear. You can see the artwork for that here -all proceeds to the St Mary Magdalene Centre for refugees and asylum seekers. And the excellent Sarah McIntyre has blogged about The United Agents jamboree HERE



Oh, and Piccadilly Press hosted a COMEDY NITE. Here’s me with Marilyn Monroe, I mean Jeanne Willis, and Ciaran Murtagh. Jeanne read some classic author/ illustrator emails which made publisher Brenda Gardner blush and Ciaran did some clever things with newspaper. They were both a lot funnier than me.

Jeanne Willis, Ciaran Murtagh, Ros Asquith at Piccadilly Press Comedy Nite.

Was good to meet Maggie Humphreys from Ed’s Reading Room who has said some absurdly kind things about Alien Schoolboy here and all the other noble folk who braved a cold night out when they could have watched real comedy on TV. Ta very much to all.

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Farewell Ronald Searle 1920-2011

Another hero bites the dust. Ronald Searle, gargantuan satirist, ineffable draughtsman, survivor and brilliant chronicler of the notorious Burmese railway, has died aged 91.

St Trinian's 2012, Ros Asquith, Guardian.

Best known in the UK for Molesworth and St Trinians, Searle was an inspiration to Steve Bell, Posy Simmonds, Ralph Steadman, Gerald Scarfe and virtually everyone who picked up a pen to draw. No one has made me laugh more. Link to all the obituaries and tributes here.

Ronald Searle’s Esprit Creatif. Goodbye Clouds, Goodbye Sky.



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CHRISTMAS, how jolly, Ros Asquith, Guardian

You can see more of my Christmas cartoons here

And here is DORIS, the cleaner, celebrating on a similar theme:

DORIS with her jolly Christmas trolley or rather, basket -Ros Asquith

Meanwhile, Flowkwee, my ALIEN SCHOOLBOY, is having trouble with his winter clothes:

ALIEN SCHOOLBOY: Christams? What's that?

He think Father Christmas is a god -and doesn’t even seem to know what a jumper is:


Aliens don't wear jumpers (or underpants, come to that) -Ros Asquith

You can read The Alien Schoolboy’s  CHRISTMAS BLOG to find out more.

Alien Schoolboy's Christmas- Ros Asquith

Meanwhile, Happy Christmas and  Happy 2012.


See you next year with more drawings….

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 No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
 No comfortable feel in any member--
 No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
 No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds--

— Thomas Hood

My November was quite cheery, though. Nov 4th saw the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Literacy  at House of Commons with MPs and a couple of  the cast of musical WICKED (who are supporting literacy through their involvement in Wicked Young Writers’ Award but who sadly did not have green faces) and How to Train Your Dragon author Cressida Cowell. The National Literacy Trust is a wonderful organisation dealing with all aspects of reading, This year they are doing cards by ‘Gruffalo” wunderkind Axel Scheffler, ‘Charlie and Lola” genius Lauren Child, and, erm, me. Mine is below and you can see the others on the NLT website,

Jonathan Douglas Director of the National Literacy Trust with Ros Aquith




Ros Asquith card for national literacy Trust GIFT OF READING








Later that week Rory, aged 9, came to my Chocolate Factory exhibition and decided to do his birthday thank you letters as alien pictures. Here’s one:

Rory's alien masterpiece

Was very proud to be part of an art auction at the Halcyon Gallery, raising money for The Art Room -a pioneering Oxford based charity aimed at 5-16 yr olds who are having a hard time at school either as a result of specific learning difficulties or interrupted schooling.

The list of artists was awesome, including Jake and Dinos Chapman, Antony Gormley, Maggi Hambling, Patrick Hughes,  Paula Rego, Rachel Whiteread, the last children’s laureate Anthony Browne,set designer pare excellence Hildegard Bechtler and exquisite illustrator Jane Ray. Was shy to be in such company and vowed to make a better picture next time.

Really enjoyed the Roald Dahl Funny Prize which was won by Liz Pichon for‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gates’. The under 7 category was won by Cats Ahoy! by Peter Bently (who was also shortlisted in 2009 ), and illustrated by Jim Field. Excellent books, indeed. I seem to have got my picture taken with Philip ‘beardy’ Ardagh (who won the prize last year) and Terry Jones who, like me, was a loser.

Ros Asqutih and Philip Ardagh. Wierdy and Beardy.

RosAsquith and Terry Jones. Python meets alien.


Michael Rosen thought up the idea for the funny prize because funny books don’t get a look in on most award shortlists. So thank you Michael. You can see a video of him and the winners here.



The Tower Hamlets Book Award was won by Joe Layburn (pictured below,

right) for ‘Street Heroes’. And I was second with ‘Letters from an Alien Schoolboy’.

Here we are, judging the amazing school plays.

Anne Canning, Andrea Reece, Ros Asquith, Jo Humphreys-Davis and Joe Layburn








Lots of schools  took part,  performing fantastic plays and films about the shortlisted books, so it was a really special event. Globe School won with a very funny staging of the first scene of Alien Schoolboy, complete with alien masks, a spaceship and a walking ice cream poster. Hope to get the video soon. Thanks to all of the schools for putting so much effort and imagination into our humble books and especially to Manorfield Primary where I had a terrific time with Year six who all drew some spectacular aliens. I hate to agree with OFSTED (see cartoon below), but Manorfield really is an outstanding school.


Ros Asquith Cartoon, Guardian Education





Here's me signing books at Tower Hamlets

Here’s me on the left, signing books at Tower Hamlets. I think the books were written by me, but I’ve signed books by plenty of different authors n the past. What do you do? Someone wants an author’s signature on their book, so why not? However I did draw the line when some wag suggested I sign a biography of Princess Diana.

Good Heavens.


The Guardian has put up a gallery of pictures from “Letters from an Alien Schoolboy’

That’s quite enough about prizes, ed. Actually, that’s too much about prizes.




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The Guardian has put up a gallery of pictures from “Letters from an Alien Schoolboy’

But  Earthlings are documenting Aliens everywhere. Here’s a sinister one I found lurking about at the Cheltenham Literary festival.  Could it be by Imogen? I wouldn’t like to meet NEGOMI on a dark night….

NEGOMI: Alien invades Cheltenham

I’m thrilled ‘THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF FAMILIES’ by Mary Hoffman, illustrated by me, has won the under 7s category in The School Library Association’s first ever Information Book Award. Chris Brown, Chair of the judges, said, “This Award is the only children’s books award to focus solely on Information Books. It is a celebration of the fantastic skills being applied in the creation of the very best of such books for our young readers. ‘

Jayne Gould said  “Families come in all shapes and sizes, as ‘THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF FAMILIES’ demonstrates with warmth and humour…. it is a book which can be used across the primary age range. For example, my school has used it for several weeks’ worth of work with Year 4 pupils on the diversity of family life.” How kind.

Ros Asquith and Mary Hoffman

Jonathan and Marilyn Baillie, Adrian Dingle, Ros Asquith and Mary Hoffman

Winners were: Under 7sThe Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman, illus Ros Asquith. Frances Lincoln ISBN 9781845079994

7-12Animals at the Edge by Jonathan and Marilyn Baillie. Franklin Watts ISBN 9780749694814

12-16How to Make a Universe with 92 Ingredients by Adrian Dingle. Scholastic ISBN 9781407117911

Overall WinnerHow to Make a Universe with 92 Ingredients by Adrian Dingle.



And I have an exhibition of cartoons this weekend, Nov 12th and 13th at THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, in Wood Green. It’s a chance to see the work of 100 (Yes! One HUNDRED) Artists. Here’s the info:


All welcome!

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